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About Cyber Security

Cyber Security Inc. offers clients who face information security and/or privacy issues top-notch forensic analysis, digital investigation, and risk mitigation services.
We work hard to comprehend how our clients’ demands, risks, and perceptions change so that we can promptly address their technical threats, litigation analysis needs, compliance needs, and business analytics needs.

As a first responder on a global scale, we assist our clients in risk management, data analysis, and the eradication of persistent threats, data breaches, and technical mishaps.
Through a combination of patented data recovery technologies, improved commercial forensic tools, and knowledgeable computer forensic and information security consultants, Cyber Security offers cutting-edge expert computer forensic services.
Modern computer forensic services are provided by Cyber Security, including imaging, chain of custody management, password and encryption cracking, and forensic analysis on the majority of media types.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Homeland Security (ICE), the Secret Service, various military branches, and the US Attorney’s Office are just a few of the organizations that Cyber Security Inc. has handled computer forensic matters for on a global scale.





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